14 May 2008

A Few More Things Stemming From Last Weekend

Every time I take the family into Hamilton, we end up wandering through cemeteries. Younger actually enjoys this, at least ever since I taught her about rubbings. But it has given her a rather skewed view of the world: Hamilton is one big cemetery. The other day we were driving past Prospect Cemetery on our way to Puff's mother, and younger looked at the headstones and asked: "Are we in Hamilton?"

Elder asked me what else I knew about Billy Green's story. There was a children's story book about him out years ago called "The Scout Who Lead An Army," of which I had a copy, and which I gave her to read a few months back. Showing her the remains of the British Camp piqued her interest in the story, and she wanted to know more. I am always glad to give her a little more history. Among other things I mentioned that the house the Americans used as their headquarters at Stoney Creek still stands, and is now a museum to the battle. Every year on the anniversary of the battle, or the closest weekend, there is a re-enactment of the battle. Elder's reaction was predictable: "Ooh, ooh, can we go? Can we go?" I think we might be able to swing it. It's more educational than Wonderland, and cheaper.

Looking back, the last few days have been pretty good, which can only mean one thing: disaster is a-comin'.

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