23 May 2008

Interesting Request For a Music Director

Faithful reader Teresa B. sent along "help wanted" notice from the diocese website:

Our Lady of Sorrows Parish
Music Director Wanted

The successful candidate will be a Roman Catholic attentive to the liturgical norms of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal and its accompanying documents. Duties will include meeting with the parish clergy; planning and supervising all musical activities in the parish; directing, accompanying, and recruiting members for our 50-voice SATB Senior Choir; accompanying the Junior Choirs at Sunday liturgies; playing at Sunday liturgies and parish celebrations; weddings; coordination of funerals; preparing and submitting the annual music program and budget. An Associate Organist is already in place.

Applicants must be familiar with a wide range of musical styles, from Gregorian Chant/Classical Polyphony to the present day. In addition, they will demonstrate expertise in playing our 2-manual, Casavant tracker organ. The position is approximately 15 hours per week.

For further information please contact the church office olosorrows@bellnet.ca or 416-231-6016.
There's a webpage outlining the organ and its specifications here.
This ad is full of good news: They want someone who knows the liturgical norms, is familiar with chant, polyphony, and classical. Great stuff all, but coupled with a 50 part SATB choir? What's going on? Most parishes are struggling to get together ten singers, much less 50.
There are good things happening out there, if you just look around to see them.

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