23 May 2008

Prayer request from another blog.

Sheepcat is trying to get a friend to see the inside of a church, and has asked for prayers. I know how it feels to try and bring a friend back or even into a church and have requested prayers often. Sheepcat responded generously to my requests, and in an effort to return the favour I am trying to send the message out to all and sundry.

I'm starting to think I should turn this blog into a "'pray for the conversion of non-believers, and a rekindling of the faith of the lapsed Catholics' prayer request blog." See if we can gather a few people together who will pray for each other's requests. Pray to get a few more bailers onto the Barque of Peter. I've had worse ideas.

For now, Sheepcat's friend, that he go into a Church, and find his heart awaken to the mystery of the Eucharist.

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