5 June 2008

From Puff: On the Mean Streets, Some Kindness

On the way home today, riding the TTC bus I witnessed traffic on a five lane street come to a standstill while a Mamma Canada Goose lead her three goslings with Papa Goose bringing up the rear across the road. It was absolutely beautiful. Everyone while rushing to get home stopping and giving this safe passage. Even when they reached the other side, the last lane waited while papa Goose helped a gosling hop the curb (When the gosling first tried, he flipped backward and fell into the road again. So Papa nudged him back up and stoop guard while the little one tried again.) All of a sudden getting home so quickly didn't seem so important any more. The cars waited patiently until all were off the road.

The sad thing is, that if traffic had been stopped because of an accident which had resulted in a human fatality, how many would have been as sympathetic?

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