6 June 2008

Anniversary of Invasions

Today will be well and justly remembered as the 64th anniversary of D-day, when British, American and Canadian troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. Not a day goes by when I do not thank God for men such as these, and I extend such thanks to any veterans and their families.

Today is also the 195th anniversary of the day when British and Canadian Troops thwarted an American invasion of Canada. If you are a Canadian and have not heard of the Battle of Stoney Creek, it is past time you learned it. Click here, and start visiting a few of the sites. Or better yet, visit the library.

The site of the Stoney Creek Battle will be having a pair of reenactments over the weekend, both during the day which is odd as the battle took place at night. As a side note, I wonder how the re-enactors arrange such things as these re-enactments use both Canadian and American actors. I have an image of a conversation containing lines such as: "Fine. We'll take the fall and run away at Stoney Creek, but then we get to kick your butts at Fort George."

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