23 July 2008

Elder's Surgery - UPDATED

has been postponed from July 25 (Feast of Saint James) to August 8 (Feast of St. Dominic). [I mistakenly stated that it had been rescheduled for August 6- Couldn't read my own handwriting.] The surgeon had to reschedule due to an emergency. There is someone else who just has to get in by Friday. It's a good thing the tumor is benign, which is most likely why the surgeon felt she could re-schedule. But man this is tough on a 13 year old girl's nerves. The postponement is hard to take when she's psyched herself up for it. It's like a stay of execution at the almost last minute.

To everyone who is praying for her (most notably, but in no particular order: DimBulb, Paul, Peter and Vox) - thank you, your prayers are much appreciated-, please mention something about the surgery not being postponed again.

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