19 August 2008

Directive from the Vatican on the USE of the NAME of GOD

It should be noted that the tetragammatron, God's name, which I will not spell out, because that would defeat the whole purpose of NOT pronouncing HIS name was removed from the CBWIII when it was published 1994. The Hymn originally titled "[Tetragammatron] I Know You are Near" was changed to "O God, I Know You Are Near."

A note for those who don't see the big deal: First names are only used between friends AND equals. Let's get this perfectly clear: GOD is NOT our Friend and we are DEFINITELY NOT HIS equals. Further, the Lord Commands "Thou shall not take the Lord's name in VAIN" not only does it mean you shall not curse or falsely swear by HIS name, but use it, period. The use of a personal name is to differentiate between different members of the same family. We don't have a pantheon. We don't have to differentiate between one god and another. There is only ONE GOD, so there is no need for using HIS first name.

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