13 September 2008

My little girl, with a poll

I have just been informed by Puff that Elder was asked by a boy over to his house yesterday. Elder said no, just as I taught her. But Puff also informs me that Elder wants to now renegotiate the age at which she may start dating, ("when I'm dead and cold in the ground") but only with Puff. For some reason Elder is afraid I'd overreact. I trust Puff to handle this adroitly, and I have helpfully provided her with two ready made answers:

1. No.

2. H-ll no.

But now I have boys sniffing around. I want to ask the father's out there what would be the best way to deal with this matter, therefore I have created the poll at the sidebar. Please take some time to vote. And vote often.
UpDate: I've found out that thirteen year old boy in question is an altar boy at church. Should this modify response at all? Perhaps I should cross off the nukes.

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