26 December 2008

Here and there, again.

Christmas went off pretty well this year. We were with our families and there were no major disasters or fights. Dinner last night was delicious. My only complaint is that it wasn't at my house, so I don't get any leftovers.

The kids made out like bandits, as always. I was broke this year, and gave them things I had made in my shop. I made Elder a desk. I gave younger a doll house that isn't quite finished. As is typical of me I went over my head on that one. I could have made her a simple box with a triangular roof on top and called it a dollhouse, but noooo.... I saw a plan for a Georgian style dollhouse and off I went. At least younger is excited at the prospect of the two of us finishing the dollhouse together. I made my mother a card table, so she can have a decent table for her euchre parties. Maybe she'll get rid of one of her ancient folding plastic ones where the legs keep collapsing, usually when I finally have a decent hand.

I wonder why I feel guilty about giving out hand made gifts, as if they aren't good enough.

I used to give even more hand-made gifts, but that stopped for many on my list. One year, a few months after Christmas, I saw my in laws lighting the charcoal barbecue with pieces of something I had given their son.

Now that my shop is no longer an outreach branch of Santa's toyshop I can get back to other things, like the pipe organ project and a few other things. Younger now wants me to make a desk for her. She flipped through my plan books and came up with a style she likes- drop front, Queen Anne. I'll give her this much, she has taste.


I wonder if when younger leaves home she'll want me to make her furniture. "Please Daddy, I've always wanted my home done in Chippendale style, with a bit of Hepplewhite. That's not too much, is it?"


I've read a few places about the Pope's recent "year in review" or "State of the Church" speech. Most bloggers are concerned about how the MSM reported or distorted the speech. Blogging about the media distorting papal messages- or any message for that matter- is a bit like blogging about how water is wet. The media always distorts, puffing up those the reporter likes, ripping those the reporter dislikes.

The speech itself touches on several important issues, including the environment, which the Pope weaves into the Church's concern for life. I was glad to see this. I have said in the past that if we are to have dominion over creation, we should hold that dominion like benevolent and loving rulers, not like creation's tyrants and dictators.


Weather here is getting a little crazy. We got a fair amount of snow, and now it is all set to melt as the temperature rises for the next few days and it rains.


That's it for the moment. I was going to say something about the politics in Canada at the moment, but I'll wait a day or two for that.

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