24 January 2009

Ricardo Montalban: belated RIP

Ricardo Montalban died recently. With Father Neuhaus' death, Montalban's death was little recognized. I knew him as an actor of some talent who starred in a wide variety of roles, some half- decent, some forgettable. For me, he was always Khan.

It was only after his death that I heard about the depth of his faith. He was married for 63 years to his beloved wife and had four children. These days, for an actor in Hollywood to be married 63 years, he would have to be married... 63 times. Montalban was recognized for his faith several times during his life, and called his faith the greatest gift he had. A good man in Hollywood- what were the odds?

I was happy to find a tribute at this site (scroll down) to Ricardo.

Godspeed, Mr. Montalban.

I think William Shatner said it best: "KHAAAAAAANNNNN!"

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