21 January 2009

What A Treat.

Yesterday Elder and her class, and all the grade 8's at her Catholic school were given a treat: They were taken to the gym where televisions were set up do they could watch the inauguration of the American President.

I am not too hot that a Canadian school would break off classes for any American inauguration. This is Canada. We are in the middle of our own mess which has not been covered by the press because they are focused on this `historic' American moment. We had an election a few months back and it was barely covered by the news because the press had sent all of their reporters to cover the American election. Our government is in chaos and no one, not one news story in the last few weeks, has even mentioned it.

I want to say to my American friends, I do not hold you in any way responsible for this. I am not blaming Americans for this situation. This is our fault, from beginning to end. This is our stupidity constantly biting us in the backside, and we refuse to learn. Maybe its because our own politicians are such a boring crop of lying who--s, and yours at least have charisma, I don't know.

This was a Catholic school. I wonder if today anyone will mention what the new president's first action was... and perhaps recognize that for Catholics the election of the current president may not be simply morally uncomplicated.

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