1 May 2009

Newsflash: Moron says something stupid. Millions shocked.

And here comes another variation of the silly season. Dan Brown's Angels and Demons is about to be released in movie form. Some, such as Bill Donohoe have expressed their outrage. Others, such as here and here have gone to work debunking his lies. Personally, while I support those who spend time and effort showing how Dan Brown is either A. a moron; B. a liar; or C. a moronic liar. I don't know how much success they are going to have. First, the people dumb enough to believe a moron, (thus giving a huge and depressing example of the 'there's always a bigger idiot' theory) aren't reading these pages. The lies are fairly palpable to anyone with any sense of history, which, thanks to our educational systems, is virtually no one. Pointing out the lies and errors to these people is tough, because they don't have sufficient background to be able to choose between a lie and a truth. In addition to this, the people who believe this nonsense want to believe this nonsense. It's the first rule of the conman or seducer- find someone who wants to be conned or seduced, or is at least dumb enough to buy that bridge in Brooklyn. Second, we're giving the movie free advertising, and possibly sending more people to see the thing.

I think back to the earlier movie. I remember how people were offended with the da Vinci Code, along with all the numerous books and television specials debunking the book. Personally, I hope this has a halo effect. Brown's name was a laughingstock for some time. Hopefully some people may remember that. But at the time, I never saw much point in it. sadly, I had read the Code. It was one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I have ever read, it was that stupid. Never mind the little quibbles over whether the Templars were here or there, or how Brown's 'expert' forgot that the Pope was actually in Avignon at the time, the whole premise was risible. Brown claimed that it was virtually impossible for a Jesus, a Jewish man of the first century, to say the things he is said to have said. For argument's sake, let's say for a moment that this is true. What would Jesus have said that would make more sense for a Jewish man of that time and place to say? Why, for Brown that is obvious. Obviously this Jewish Rabbi wanted people to forego the whole 'God' thingamabub and return to the worship of the earth mother, or the universal feminine principal as Brown was fond of calling it, as expressed through the practice of pagan sex rituals. How could we be so foolish as not to see that?

Alas, if only it were so. Particularly the part about the pagan sex rituals. Attendance at Mass would be up, way up, especially among the men.

Now, given the book's huge readership, and the large number of people who actually swallowed that camel, I can only wonder: Is there anything we can say to these people that will make any difference? Which proverb applies: Answer not the fool according to his folly, or Answer the fool according to his folly?

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