1 June 2009

On the murder of Tiller

I've noted several blogs out there commenting on the murder of George Tiller. Many of them are mostly concerned over what will happen to the prolife movement.

A man has been murdered. This is not about us.

Father Z quotes someone who gets it right.

Whoever murdered George Tiller has done a gravely wicked thing. The evil of this action is in no way diminished by the blood George Tiller had on his own hands. No private individual had the right to execute judgment against him. We are a nation of laws. Lawless violence breeds only more lawless violence. Rightly or wrongly, George Tilller was acquitted by a jury of his peers. "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord." For the sake of justice and right, the perpetrator of this evil deed must be prosecuted, convicted, and punished. By word and deed, let us teach that violence against abortionists is not the answer to the violence of abortion. Every human life is precious. George Tiller’s life was precious. We do not teach the wrongness of taking human life by wrongfully taking a human life. Let our "weapons" in the fight to defend the lives of abortion’s tiny victims, be chaste weapons of the spirit.

On the count of three, everyone break out your rosary, and pray for everyone involved in this crime. Murderer and murdered both. 1....2...3.

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