7 February 2010

Archbishop Thomas Collins responds to Ignatieff

In response to Liberal party leader, and leader of the opposition Michael Ignatieff's statement on abortion last week, Archbishiop Collins has released his own statement, reproduced here:

Statement from Archbishop Thomas Collins
Re: G8 Proposal on Maternal & Child Health

February 4, 2010

In light of the many positive contributions that Canada can make to the improvement of maternal and child health, it is astonishing that the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Michael Ignatieff, has issued an official statement advocating contraception and abortion as fundamental elements in addressing this important issue.

There are many fruitful ways to improve maternal and child health, and the discussion should centre on the most effective strategies for doing this. We all await with keen interest the tangible measures that the Prime Minister will propose.

Certainly the provision of clean water, the expansion of immunization, and the
assurance of a supply of adequate food are among the ways in which the goal of improved health can be attained.

Even those who think that abortion should be allowed do not, however, propose it as a positive contribution to the good of society.

When there are so many obvious practical steps that can be taken to promote maternal and child health throughout the world, it is sad to see Mr. Ignatieff introduce into the discussion this negative proposal, which in no way serves to improve the health of mothers or children, but which rather imperils the most vulnerable among us.

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