4 February 2010

The LIberal Party: Flogging Yesterday's Dead Horse Tomorrow

Check this out.  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has resurrected the abortion issue, in the name of not resurrecting the abortion issue.  He's pulling this out despite the fact that the Conservative government has not made a single mention of the issue, shows no interest in raising the issue, and is completelly unwilling to mention this issue. Ignatieff wants to make sure no one raises the issue again, so he raises it himself. As the article quotes him saying:

"We've had a pro-choice consensus in this area for a couple of generations and we want to hold it," he declared, noting that he wants to "lay down a marker" to ensure the government doesn't try to raised this difficult and contentious issue.

The conclusion of the article is spot on:

Because stirring up emotions for no better reason than to gain a few votes would be a cheap and wholly irresponsible thing to do.
Women's groups are thrilled, despite the rather obvious fact that no one was threatening their rights, or that the laws in Canada could not possibly get any more prochoice.  Still, it's always nice to have another mouthpiece on one's side, isn't it?

Perhaps we owe Ignatieff a bit of thanks.  If he keeps this up, he will raise the issue again.

Someone should remind this academic genius of the old joke:  "Don't think of pink elephants."

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