14 March 2010

Prayer Request

Puff's father was taken to the hospital today. He is undergoing a battery of tests. The doctor's told us he is likely to come home by the end of the week this time, but he has a series of underlying chronic conditions which will almost certainly entail future visits to the hospital.


My father was initially brought into the hospital for low blood sugar. But since then they've found his liver isn't functioning well; he has ascitis - basically his liver sweats, and his kidney function is so low they aren't clearing the extra water from around his abdomen.

I doubt the Emerg. doctor's prognosis that he'll be home by the end of the week.


The Sheepcat said...

Praying, Bear.

LarryD said...

Prayers on their way!

thedivinelamp said...

I'll make a request in my St Joe's Novena.

Mary333 said...

I will pray for him, too.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Thank you all.

Today he was better and walked around abit. His appetite is better. The Physio therapist even had him walking up and down stairs and he did well.

But .... his latest round of tests are "worrisome" to quote the one of the doctors on his team.