12 May 2010

Jobless, non-religious teachers turn to Catholicism in attempt for employment

This story from the Globe and Mail troubles me.

Not because non-Catholics are hoodwinking the Catholic School Board into hiring them, but because we parents won't know who and who isn't Catholic.

I would rather have non-Catholics teach my children, and know they are not Catholic and be on guard that possibly non-Catholic philosophy is entering my children's education, rather than assume that my children's teachers are Catholic.

In fact, the majority of my children's teachers are CINO. They were baptised, communicated, confirmed, even married in the Church, but have absolutely no knowledge of the basic tenets of the faith.

So really which is worse?


Louise said...

I assume, whether his teachers are Catholic or not, that my only child in school (he is 12) will hear any amount of guff. Many "Catholic" teachers barely believe anything they're supposed to anyway. Including the bodily resurrection of Christ. I try to "pray, hope and don't worry."

If you have a strong and secure relationship with Elder and Younger, your influence will be the most important in any case.

Interesting how the jobless turn to the Church, though. Couldn't possibly look into Church teaching to see where such magnanimity comes from though - could they. No, no - just take home the pay packet and sneer. Barbarians.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Louise, I agree with you one hundred percent. All I am saying is to be forwarned is to be forearmed.

Bear and I have been lucky, so far. Both Elder and Younger are quite open about what they learn in school, not just in religion, but in all classes.

Elder came home a month ago; she is in grade nine, and they are learning sex ed. THey had a lesson or two on Family Planning, which including NFP as well as artificial forms of FP, and abstinence.

She talked about it with me, and we went over which were approved by the church and when and where and why etc etc. And why the other forms weren't approved.

When she went to school the next day, she informed the teacher of what we had discussed and the teacher re-iterated it to the whole class.

It's easier to fight the enemy when he appears as he truly is, when he is hidden- not so much.

Louise said...

Very true, Puff. I guess we are forewarned and forearmed already! Actually, I'm pretty impressed with how that stuff worked out with Elder's sex-ed class. Sounds like you handled it really well. :)

Patience said...

Well I sent you the article and the interesting thing was online; most of the comments were about whether the province should fund Catholic schools.
It was one of those extreme articles which focuses on one weird person. However the sad truth is that many teachers in the TCDSB are CINO. If I ever go back into teaching again; I won't be one of those.