4 June 2010

Still waiting, part two.

Still nothing going on.  Killing time.  Perhaps my time is better off dead.

Composed a mental list of secular things I could do with less of.

-reality tv
-CSI franchise
-Law & Order franchise.
-fewer procedural cop shows in general.  They're all the same.
-in fact, less television altogether.
-speed bumps
-Keanu Reeves
-less pollen 
-less e-mail asking me if I want a bigger penis.  In my seventeen years of marriage my wife and I have had three kids and four or five miscarriages.  My penis is just fine the way it is, thank you very much.
-less movie remakes of television shows
-fewer stupid movies made from questionable sources altogether.  Marmaduke? Are you kidding me?
-less taxes
-less stupid, meaningless phrases, like "It is what it is." Hearing this one irks me almost as much as seeing David Caruso wearing sunglasses at night.  In what possible context is this phrase relevant and meaningful?  It would only make sense as a response to the argument that, in fact, it is what it isn't.
-less of the phrase "think outside the box".  This one has been used so often it has become a cliche, or a box in and of itself.  Someone who encourages others to original thinking by using this phrase has clearly and ironically proven that they themselves are firmly ensconced within the box.
-rap music.  Please, make the hurting stop.

There's more.  I'll ponder it whilst I wait.

Phone's ringing.  There goes my blood pressure.


Mary333 said...

Poor Puff, the baby's due and her Father's dying at the same time. That's a lot to handle. No wonder your blood pressure is up.

Still...you do think of oddly funny things while you are waiting.

LarryD said...

Good list. I agree with nearly everything on it.

That list is what it is...what?? What'd I say??