20 December 2010

Query: Homeschooling

Younger wants to be homeschooled. And as I have 2 BA's and Bear is ABD to his PhD, we are, according to the requisites, educated enough to homeschool. My question: Since I know my limits, I would only want to homeschool until Grade 8 or so, so how do the kids apply to high school and how do they get to take the standardized tests necessary throughout elementary school?

The curriculum, I can get from the Ministry Website, and there are different support groups, but this is the make it or break it question.

Any ontario homeschoolers who can answer, please do.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get an answer, t'would be interesting. I can't comment b/c I've only homeschooled in BC and AB. I would venture to suggest it isn't as complicated or worrisome as you might think. Our oldest is graduating next year after 12 yrs of homeschooling. I have no degree, nor my DH.

The good family of St Francis books homeschools. Perhaps you could ask them--they are in ON.

God bless you and your family, and hope things look up for you in the coming year!

Embattled Catholic

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I was hoping you would have a lot of comments on your post...I'm considering homeschooling too (my children are not school aged). Please keep us updated on your homeschooling adventure... I don't know other catholics in this city considering the same.