3 April 2011

I am in total agreement with this message

It is getting worse.  The newspapers are picking up on the attacks and portraying them as news.  Today the Toronto Sun took dictation from the Conservative Party, and put up a photoshop picture of Michael Ignatieff dressed up as Uncle Sam, and asked why he hasn't been in his riding lately.  As far as valid points go, this one is near rock bottom.  It is a stupid complaint brought out for idiots.  With all due respect for anybody in Iggy's riding, none of the federal leaders have been in their own ridings lately, because they are campaigning federaly.  This attack is as valid for Harper and Layton as it is for Ignatieff.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star spent its front page defending Ignatieff against the Conservative attack that he is not a Canadian.  So, even though the newspaper is taking the opposite point of the Conservative ads, it is still talking about the Conservative ads.  We are not hearing a word about policy, or promises, or their stands on any issues. Just taking our cues from these stupid, stupid ads.

So far, the only leader who has shown any of their policy is Layton, leader of the left wing NDP.  He is outlining his policies, which, like most left wing ideas, are stupid ideas masquerading as good ones, but at least he has some policies.  Even so, his ads begin with an attack on the other leaders as inadequate, and then portray Layton as the solution.  So, a few weeks into this campaign, the positions of the federal leaders are as follows:  Harper claims he is not Ignatieff; Ignatieff claims he is not Harper; Layton claims he is neither Harper nor Ignatieff; what's her face, the leader of the Greens, claims she is neither Harper, Ignatieff nor Layton; and Gilles Duceppe, leader of the bloc Quebecois, claims he is not Canadian.  Given a choice, I prefer Duceppe over the rest, except I live in the wrong province, and I can't vote for the traitor.

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