2 April 2011

O frabjous day!

Callooh! and if I may be so bold to add, Callay!

Using my patented five minutes here, ten minutes there method, I have completed the pipes for the keyboard of my homemade organ!  All 400+ of them! The organ I blogged about here and here!

Now I am faced with a decision:  should I build the twenty five or fifty pipes for the pedal organ, or should i build a pedal board and just have it permanently linked to the keyboard?  Those last fifty would be the biggest of the pipes, and each would take some time. Furthermore, the largest of the pipes will be very difficult to fit anywhere in my house.  Those pipes would take me, minimum, a year.  But without them, the bass of the organ would be very weak.  O decisions, decisions.  Still, I have reached a milestone in this project.  Now to do some more work on the fifty other projects I still have lying around.


The Sheepcat said...

Congratulations, Bear!

Dim Bulb said...

Have you ever thought: "You know, I should have built a harmonica instead?"

Bear-i-tone said...


I have thought many, many things since I started this project.