5 May 2011

The silence is deafening

The Vatican has made a statement

One of the commentators over at Fr. Z's said, in response to the Australian bishop being removed from his post for, among other things, advocating women's ordination, that he wished the Vatican had issued such a response to Cardinal Law, because the liberal wing of the Church would attack the Vatican's decision in the Australian case on just those grounds: Sure, they're silent about pedophiles, but just try and say that women should be ordained and they lower the boom....  A few days later, the Catholic Reporter did exactly that.

The accusation is used, and it has traction, because there is truth to it.  The Vatican has not reacted as forcefully to pedophiles as it has to the Australian bishop, and they've done it again.  Yesterday, Canadian bishop Raymond J. Lahey (who is, among other things, responsible for the Catholic Book of Worship III.  More on that another time.) pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer as part of a plea bargain. He would plead guilty to possession, and the crown would not charge him with distribution.  Thus far, the Vatican has had this to say on the case:

But they did accept his resignation.

Something, anything, would be better than this.They are making it too easy for the liberals in the Church.  It is like shooting fish in a barrel.  I could write it myself:  "The priests and bishops can prey upon the very weakest members of the flock, and there is no reprisal, but just try and question the sacred brotherhood, or suggest it needs some changes, and you're fried."  Too easy, and too true.


Patience said...

They've done it before.Last summer the CDF released a statement dealing with the sexual abuse scandals talking about abuse and rape of children and how the church should deal with this. Well and good but then they tacked on a statement dealing the the crimes of women's ordination.
If they wanted to address the latter; I think it would have had more clout if they'd held off and released it even a milisecond later as opposed to the same breath.
I'm not supporting women's ordination but it's hardly in the same seriousness as pedophilia.
Maybe they should hire a new PR person.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Yeah, we catholics suck at PR.

ignorant redneck said...

Indeed we do suck at PR--when we used to rule the roost!

It's difficult though--if someone sins we aren't supposed to trumpet it about. And if a bishop is advocating heresy, schism or sacrilegious sacramental discipline, he must be removed. The inability of the Church to ordain women has been classed by the CDF as part of the deposit of the faith, so that's a serious delict.

But if a cleric--Dcn Priest or Bishop is sinning, it's supposed to be dealt with quietly--just as it is when we are sinning.

Personally, I think molesters should be hung. But that's beside the point.

Yet through a combination of ignorance, and willful distortion and misrepresentation, it becomes a no win for us. Face it--there are a lot of people who wish the destruction of the Church.