3 May 2011

One final election post

Well, I was wrong.  I had thought Harper's tactic of smear campaigns had backfired against him, but it turned out to have worked and worked well.  His former enemies, the Liberals, are all but destroyed.  Harper has taken a majority with less than forty percent of the vote, but he still has his majority. The purpose of this election has been served.
I say the purpose has been served, because this was the sole purpose.  More than any other election i can remember, there were no issues for this election: no policies debated, no platforms outlined.  This election was nothing but a naked power grab by all three of the major parties.  Harper was honest about that much, at least.  He asked Canadians for a majority government he has not earned, and we gave it to him.  His party, which i believe is the only party in Canadian history to have been found in contempt of parliament, now rules parliament for the next five years without any checks. 

With the Liberal Party down and out federally for the next five years at least, parliament is now divided between right and left, with the party of the centre now gone. I am interested to see what may happen next, though I am not looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Right, left, whig, tory, democrat, republican, nazi, anarchist, communist, socialist, fascist, or all of the above: which is pictured here? http://jackholesrealm.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/bull.gif

Bear-i-tone said...

All of the above.