28 June 2011

Out for a few days.

Out of touch and not blogging for a few days.  Here's a few quick hits.

Bishop in charge of liturgy in Toronto wants parishes to pick from just four Mass settings of the new missal.  This wouldn't be a problem, if any of the choices were either singable by congregations, or any good.

Pray for the soul of the Ontario police officer who died in the line of duty this morning.

Should I ever win the lottery, I will buy one of these cars.

And one of these guns.

On the other hand, probably not.  These are cool things, but in the end, they are just things.  I don't even own a gun, though, if I did, this would be a cool one to own.  But that's the thing.  The temptation to blow a ton of money on stuff like this is probably one of the reasons why I am better off poor. 

The Pope now tweets.  The wired in faithful can now get their daily dose of vitamin BXVI.

Feel free to vote in my poll.

Happy Canada to the Canadians.  Happy Fourth to the Yanks.  True fact:  During the Klondike Gold Rush, thousands of Americans flooded into the Yukon.  When it came to celebrating our national holidays, the 1st and 4th of July, rather than coming into conflict over the holidays, they turned it into a four day blow out, in which every one took part.

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