29 July 2011

Professorial stupidity

I  saw an example of the old saying: "when they came for the blanks, I said nothing, for I wasn't a blank" at work yesterday.

A professor approached one of my co workers and said "How does it feel knowing that in five years this place will be gone, replaced with virtual textbooks, and you'll be out of work?"

My coworker replied with a shrug and asked "How does it feel, knowing that in ten years you'll be out of work?"

The professor was shocked.  "What do you mean?"

"Universities are offering virtual classrooms," my co worker explained.  "Why would anyone want to come here, when they could go to Harvard?"

The professor gaped like a fish out of water for a moment.  Then he said:  "Oh my God! I hadn't thought of that!  We have to do something!"

What a guy.  He was perfectly content to stand on the shore and wave as we were sent down the river, but when he realised he wasn't on the shore, only on a slower moving raft, he wants us to throw him a line.  The sad part is, if we are to survive, we will have to work together, even if it means holding our noses as we do so.

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Bro. AJK said...

Virtual textbooks, though, can lead to virtual knowledge controlled by the hands of a few. Amazon can easily drop books from Kindle. Give me a real book anytime. That and we all know that not all on the Internet is factual but some are posing as facts.