27 July 2011

Wise words

I was flipping through a book at work today, entitled "King of the Road"  by Alex Debogorski, of Ice Road Truckers fame.  It consists of anecdotes of his life and work, told in a comfortable, having a beer at the bar style.  He also occasionally has a few ruminations and ponderings about life.  At one point, he discussing his large family- he has eleven children and eight grandchildren so far- and he mentions how many people now put off having children because they don't have the money to raise children.  Debogorski's response to this is a simple question:  When in history did anyone ever have enough money to raise children?  He goes on to explain that children are assets, not liabilities, and the love they give far outweighs the costs they incur.

Debogorski, a Catholic,, in his simple wisdom cuts through the layers of half truths and lies that our society has woven around itself to protect itself from Truth.  Whereas families in the past learned to do without and make do with what they had, for the sake of the children, we do without children, rather than do without things that are here today, and tomorrow in the garbage.

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