14 September 2011

Yippee. Another election is coming.

Now a provincial election will soon be upon us, and the campaigns are out in force.  This election has come down to the character of one man: premier Dalton McGuinty.

In his own ads, McGuinty admits that he is not popular right now, and that perhaps some mistakes have been made, but he stands by his record and points out his accomplishments.  I can respect that.  He has dome some things I support.  He has also shafted his fellow Catholics badly by unconstitutionally threatening catholic schools with funding cuts if we did not accept Gay/Straight Alliances.   Because of that, a GSA came into my eldest daughter's school, and told the school that Catholicism was wrong and the Bible was all bunk.  Thank you ever so much, Dalton McGuinty.   

So, who else is running.  The NDP or New Democratic Party has somebody running, but they are more or less irrelevant to me.  They would be far worse than anyone else, because they are a party dedicated to a theoretical view of how the country should be run.  Plus, they also believe- sincerely, I am sorry to say- that they know what is best for everyone, and will shove down our throats if we are unwilling to accept it. I remember the old saying:  There is no tyranny so great as that of the man who believes he knows what is best for you. Their party also consistently forces its members to vote as a block even in open votes in both the federal and provincial parliaments.  In short, the NDP is the No Democratic Party,  No thanks, NDP, I prefer the old democracy.

Which leaves the Conservatives.  The provincial arm of the party has borrowed the playbook from the federal party, and is running a campaign that is one long attack on McGuinty, wherein they accuse him, among other things of being a liar.  That's right, folks, one politician calls another a liar.  Their ads have focused so totally on the premier that the leader of the party, Tim Hudak, may as well be called Tim Who 'Dat?, because he has been completely invisible in this election.  At this point, I normally break off into a rant and say things like: it is insufficient to tell me not to vote for the other guy, or why I should not vote for the other guy, because I know why I should not vote for the other guy, and what I want to know is why I should vote for you.  What are your policies?

But, in the end, I don't want to know what they will do.  What they will do is different from what I want them to do.  If they do anything, anything at all, it will be different from what I want them to do, because what I want them to do is... nothing.  I want them to do nothing.  I would vote for any politician who stands up and says: "If you vote for me, I will shakes hands and kiss babies.  I promise to cut ribbons at the opening of shopping malls and public monuments.  I solemnly swear to you that I will make pointless speeches on days of civic significance, that I will salute the flag whenever necessary, and sing the national anthem at any hockey game I may attend.  But most of all, I give you my most precious vow, my unbreakable oath, that I shall sit behind my desk and collect the greatest paycheque I have ever collected, whatever the cost may be, to the very best of my abilities, whatever the cost may be, and for as long as I hold this office."


Anonymous said...

But we were promised by the Trustees that there would be no GSA's.

What happened?

Necessarily Anonymous.

Patience said...

This is where I always say full funding was a colossal mistake. People can rant about the Constitutional right of Catholic schools but when you take government money; you get government influence.

Bear-i-tone said...

At her school, the GSA's came in while the board was still debating.

Patience said...

My dd goes to a public school but finds all the pro gay posters tiresome.(and they are everywhere in the halls) It's not like I'm in favour of persecution but it's the "in your face" stuff that gets old.