31 October 2011

Married Life

I had meant to publish this a long time ago, but forgot.  Then Mark Shea mentioned an article that spoke of  movie and this scene. Most movies these days feature broken and/or dysfunctional families.  It is rare to see a movie which celebrates marriage.  Then there's this one from Pixar.  This is the most loving and heartfelt tribute I have ever seen to lifelong love and marriage in any movie.

And then, just to up the ante, they have a second scene later in the movie.  In this scene, Carl is looking through Ellie's adventure book, when he comes to the part she was going to fill with her thrilling adventures in far off lands and undiscovered countries.  He begins to close the book, thinking it to be empty, regretting that they never did have that adventure together, when he notices something.

I really should stop chopping onions when watching these videos.


Anonymous said...

Damn onions.

And this from a single man of 55 who might like to have a few years of that experience.

Onions...been chopping them a long time now...


Anonymous said...

Marriage is like a sugared almond.

It may be sweet on the outside, but at the core it's just plain nuts.

Dim Bulb said...

Off topic but I thought you might be interested in this online book: The Wit and Wisdom of E. Bulwer-Lytton. You may have need for it on a dark and stormy Canadian winter's night.