30 October 2011

Where I went today

I have mentioned once or twice that I try to take my mother out once a month or so, usually for a drive somewhere to someplace she might enjoy seeing, as long as it's cheap.  i usually end up taking her to a waterfall, a battlefield from the War of 1812, or an old church.  Today, we continued on our tour of the One Hundred Waterfalls of Hamilton with Albion Falls.

In truth, some of the hundred are 'wateralls' only by a rather loose definition of the term.  I don't know what their standards are, but some of the 'falls' are more of a ditch on a downward slope.  However, they do have some very nice ones, and of the ones I have seen thus far, Albion is one of the nicer ones.   It also has a good view when looking out from the falls.

The cliff in the middle of the photo is a lovers' leap. 

At any rate, Mom liked the day, and wants me to get my photos of the falls printed up soon, so she can work on painting some of the sketches she made while we were there.  Not all of our trips turn out so well.  I should write about a recent attempt to take her to Montreal, and how that fell apart.

younger, with a millstone around her neck.


ignorant redneck said...

About those war of 1812 battlefields--sorry about that!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...


If we are going to go apologizing for the events of the wars of the past: then I apologize for the conflagration of the White House, which we did in retaliation for the sacking and burning of York(Toronto)and Niagara.

We also set fire to Buffalo, which according to news reports is still burning.

Dim Bulb said...

I still have my sights set on Canada. I intend to bring it up in my first inaugural address.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Them thar are fighting words