28 October 2011

Overhead at University.

A student, speaking to her Math professor.

Student:  You didn't mark my test fairly because I am Chinese.

Professor:  I marked it the same as everyone else.

Student:  You marked mine differently. 

Professor:  If you have proof of that, I'd love to see it.

Student:  You marked me down.

Professor:  It was a multiple choice exam.  If the answer was A, and you said B, C or D, then you were wrong.

Student:  You said I was wrong because I'm Chinese.  You saw my name and marked me down.

Professor:  It was Multiple Choice. 

The dialogue continued along those lines for a while.  Without knowing how this turned, or will turn out, I can tell you what is going to happen:  She will go to the department, and the department will order the professor to let her retake the test.

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