27 November 2011

On the new translation.

Today, I heard the new translation at Mass for the first time, as did most English speaking Catholics.  It was nice, although it will take some getting used to.  A few times today the priest addressed us with "The Lord be with you," and a fair part of the congregation responded automatically with 'And also with you."  I don't think it was an act of disobedience as much as habit.

Habit and praying by rote was the subject of the homily today.  The priest spoke of how this was a good opportunity to re-learn our faith, for now we have to think about what we are praying.  We can't just go through the Mass on autopilot, as it were.  He is right., but it will be a matter of time before the new Mass becomes rote as well for most Catholics, unless they pray with thought, with intent, and with love.

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