5 January 2012

The post you haven't been waiting for.

I have been busy at work since returning Tuesday.  Work, for me, means spending seven hours a day in a place I hate doing things I don't like while surrounded by people I can't stand.  Today there was an argument at work between the know it all and the pothead.  It was exactly like a modern version of Socrates taking down the Sophists, except for the fact that it was nothing like it at all.

I have thought about why I blog, and the future of this blog.  I have a few thoughts for posts and have been taking a few of my wretched photos, but I have little will to comment on any of the more pressing issues of the day, whether recent bishop scandals (take your pick), or the Michael Voris kerfuffle (not particularly interested), or Anglicans coming over (in general, it's good) or some peculiar things reporters say about the Church.  People make mistakes, politicians lie, sinners sin and haters hate.  If you have ever read one story of such things, I don't know that you ever need read another.  Once you know the principle, the particular expression is of little interest.  This puts me out of step with most other bloggers.  Probably explains why this blog has almost no readers.

So I have taken a few photographs, I hope to take a few more and will post them soon.  I have also been taking pictures of the construction of one of the elements of the home altar, and will have another post up as soon as I have actually finished the piece, followed by actually having some time to write the article.  And then, I don't know.

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Joseph K. said...

There are plenty of blogs that cover the topics you mentioned. (Why my blog doesnt have many readers... I re-tread what others do better).

Write what you think about. We want YOUR thoughts on things. Something new, and fresh.

It doesn't have to be long, deep or profound. It just has to be you.