14 February 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday, Elder's dance edition

With apologies to LarryD.


Last Friday, Elder's school had its semi formal dance.  I said she could go, not realizing how much money it would cost.  Even after she borrowed a dress of her mother's, it still cost over a hundred dollars for accessories, including make-up.  Actually, makeup was the most expensive part.  Pointing out that the dollar store sold makeup a lot cheaper around Hallowe'en got me a shot to the arm.  But really, it was some serious cash for foundation, a little rouge and some eyeliner.  What can I say? Women are suckers.


I said makeup was the most expensive part, and it was, until I found out where the dance was being held, and the time it was being held. I would not want her on transit at that hour, nor would I trust a cab. The only truly safe way to get her to and from the dance was for me to rent a car and drive her there and back myself.   What can I say?  I am a sucker.


Elder's borrowed dress reached to her knees.  It was the second longest dress at the dance.  It would appear that teenage girls these days have a preference for shopping at Hookers R Us.  And I say that as someone who comes from the '80's.


Elder told me she felt emotionally drained from the dance.  Her school is an all girls school, and the only boys who came to the dance came as dates of some of the other girls.  Seeing couples together reminded her that she has no date, and that boys haven't really recognized her for the beautiful young woman that she is.  I, for one, don't mind that, but she feels it, and I feel for her.  Boys these days are, for the most part,  animals, and the girls who get their attention very often do so at a price at a cost to themselves, and no cost at all for the boys.  I believe this is what some women called 'freedom'.  I don't know if it has made women free, although it has made them remarkably cheap.  My daughter is not cheap, and I am proud of her for that.


Patience said...

I can relate about the dress lengths. (plus necklines!!)
Hookers R US! LOL
Hopefully the boys are not ALL animals seeing as I have a couple (older) myself; (well one of them might be a tad assertive (cough agressive) but the other one keeps complaining all girls want to do is talk about boy problems with him. (he's 25 but if my dd has no date for her grad formal he's so gonna be pressed into action)
And for your dd: (who are all these people with dates in high school? maybe a few of them "borrowed" cousins/brothers etc. Her time will come.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

I don't think they were cousins or brothers. She reports a few couples were "making out" ... I hope they were family

Anonymous said...

I think you meant I hope they were NOT family