29 May 2012

3.5 timeouts tuesday


The boy has begun his chemo treatment.  A collection at work rapidly raised more than four hundred dollars to get the kid some games to play while he is ill with the treatments, and also to give the father and mother a little money due to a shortfall from missing work.


Strange things from the e-mail: an invitation to join something or other, from a 'friend':

Hello dear,

a friend has invited you and your blog (http://spiritus-gladius.blogspot.com) to the Blog-Train.

What is the Blog-Train.net?
Its a possibility to get more Visitors and Readers for your blog.
Its absolutly (sic)  free and you even do not need to register.

Come and visit the Blog-Train.


Have fun, a lot of new Visitors and new Readers.

The Blog-Train

Grammar's not as bad as some, but still a bot sending out messages.


I had something brilliant to say, but now that I am in front of the keyboard, I have clean forgot what it was.  I hate it when that happens.


I have said it before and I will say it again:  Mad Men is a brilliantly written and acted series about a bunch of total scumbags.  No thanks.


LarryD said...

#3 happens to me all the time.

EegahInc said...

#2 would sound more appealing if it had the late Don Cornelius calling it The Blooooog Train!