18 May 2012

Another Church Website, with some thoughts

While scouting through doicese websites and looking for churches that look interesting, or have good websites, I found this website for the church of St Joseph in the town of Douro, in the diocese of Peterborough.  The site is quite good and has a parish history along with a pictorial documentary of the church showing many photos of the interior of the church.  The interior looks nice, particularly the stained glass windows. 

The pope has encouraged priests to use the internet to spread the word, and church websites would be an important part of that evangelization, but many, if not most, churches have none or have a poor one.  I could do a series of posts pointing out bad ones and never want for material, but, while it is fun to point out flaws and shortcomings in others, and readers seem to flock to blogs that do that sort of thing,  I don't think it does much good in many cases, either for our target or for ourselves.  Besides, I would hate to be an overworked and under appreciated priest and read some yahoo with a keyboard writing about how bad my website is.  It is better to point out the good, congratulate those who did well, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

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