21 May 2012


I may be a little late to this news, but while googling around, I discovered that the new rebooted Star Trek series by is producing another movie.  I was also curious to discover that Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the modernized Sherlock series, has been cast in it- as Khan.

My reaction is as follows:

It is not that Cumberbatch is a bad actor.  He is in fact an excellent actor.  No, the problem is that he's playing Khan, for crying out loud.

Why would they touch that story line and redo it?  That was the best of the Star Trek movies.   Khan was Ricardo Montalban,.  Cumberbatch is an excellent actor, as I said, and he does brilliant quirky, or quirky brilliant, very well.  But Khan was not merely brilliant, he was an enhanced human being who could lift McCoy and Kirk together with only one hand.  Cumberbatch is a string bean.

They could have redone any of the story lines form the original series,.  I would have loved them to have redone the Doomsday machine episode.  That was great, and they could have done a smokin' job on it.  But they chose Khan instead.  Do they think they can improve upon it?  Do they think their movie will look good in comparison?  This is up there when that director decided to reshoot Psycho.  Rule number one of doing a remake or a reboot:  don't do anything great, you will only look bad in comparison.  Don't remake Gone with the Wind.  Don't remake Casablanca.  Don't remake anything by Hitchcock.  Don't start a land war in Russia during winter.  And above all, DONT' REMAKE KHAN.

Sigh.  It had better be worth the price of admission.

Is anyone else out there bothered that, with this new alternative timeline series, the only Star Trek series that is certifiably canon is Enterprise?

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