19 June 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday

I was drawing a blank as to what I would post today, but then I saw LarryD's Father's Day Edition, and I thought:  'I can do that.'


I suppose it began with breakfast.  Elder, who, upon receiving her allowance, immediately spends the entirety on Nutella and Bread and therefore has no money to spend on gifts for her old man or anybody else,  decided to get me breakfast in bed.  This amounted to her making toast, as putting bread in the toaster and pushing the plunger down is about the sum total of her cooking skills.  That was the 'breakfast' aspect.  The 'in bed' aspect amounted to leaving it on the counter, as she has decided to never again walk into her mother and father's bedroom, lest she be struck blind.  So breakfast in bed amounted to cold toast when I finally made it downstairs.

Younger, on the other hand, is a saver, and will not spend a nickel of her money.  Her approach to money is the same as an NRA member's approach to his guns:  We will pry it from her cold, dead hands.  She gave some cards and a key chain she had made in school.

Frodo greeted me with a colossal poop in his diaper.

All in all, I think I prefer these to gifts from a store.


I had rented a car this weekend,  and had taken my mother out the night before for one of our jaunts, and I decided to make the best use of this car, and do something in honour of my father.  You see, I still don't think of myself for Father's Day, I still think of it as his day.  So, in honour of the old guy, I decided to go to Mass at his church, Christ the King Cathedral in Hamilton.


I announced our destination when we were in the car and heading out.  I find this is the best way to announce changes in plans and new destinations, as everyone is more or less hostage and stuck going wherever I am going.  I also needed to make sure we were all out the door at a reasonable time, before making a final decision.  Elder, in particular, can crush driving plans.  She interprets sentences like "We are leaving in five minutes"  as "I have five minutes before I have to turn off my computer and start looking frantically for my shoes and wallet and another shirt because I just spilled nutella on this one."  The announcement of our destination was not met with a whole lot of enthusiasm.  "You couldn't have told me?" demanded Puff.  "I'm not dressed for a Cathedral!"

After Mass, the choir sent down a member as a representative to try and convince me to join.  Flattering, to be certain, and Puff and the kids immediately went to work so I would not get a swelled head.  Frodo contributed by having another poop.  Unnecessary, though.  My singing teacher keeps me plenty humble. 


I then visited my mother and helped my brother assemble his new barbecue.  He put in the first piece, then I more or less assembled the rest while he held the pieces in place.  At then end, just as he was putting in the propane tank (side note:  I never use propane.  Charcoal for me.) , he realized he had put in the first piece backwards, and had to disassemble and reassemble the whole thing.  Somehow, this was my fault.

All in all, a good day.

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