16 June 2012

What I've been up to lately,

Part one, how it started.

I've been in the shop working on a whole bunch of small things that I hope to sell at a church bazaar or two around Christmas time.  It wasn't my idea, as I tried those and gave up on them a long time ago.  Left to my own devices, I would let them pass.  But I am but one man and I am almost never left to my own devices.  I am heading back to them as part of Younger's plot for World Domination.  It is her goal in life to own half the world, and she is not afraid to put in some work, or put someone else to work, to achieve that goal.

Younger got this idea into her head when she came home from school with her annual Christmas Art project.  Any of you parents out there who have or have had children in public school system know just how cringe worthy and goshawful these things usually are, and how you grit your teeth as you lie through them and tell your little darling "That's really nice, sweetheart.".  This year, she brought home a Christmas ornament she had made in class, and it actually looked nice, but unfortunately doesn't photograph well.  (At least, not by me.  As I have said every time I have tried to post pictures I have taken myself, I suck.)

The ornament is a Styrofoam ball covered in sequins held in place by pins.  It is pretty, reflects light nicely, and looked good on the tree.  We could have left it there.  Then Puff said:  "Y'know, I bet if you made more of those, you could sell them at a bazaar or something and make some money."

Younger's face lit up in a way that could mean nothing good.  "Really?" she asked.  "How much?"

Puff:  "I don't know. I never did bazaars.  Your father did, though.  Ask him."

Younger, calling out:  "Dadddddeeeee.....!"

And that is how it began.

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