24 July 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday

Travelling around edition.


The family has been taking weekend and day trips over the month of July.  I've booked off Mondays for the month to try and give us a string of small vacations, rather than one large one.  We've avoided the the usual summer hot spots- no Wonderland, Marineland, Wild Water Kingdom, etc.  because they are too busy and expensive.  The intention was to try and save money.  I don't think we've been entirely successful

At this point, I should insert some pictures of the places we've been.  Unfortunately, while we always pack the camera, we also always leave it packed up.   So no pictures.  However, if place names mean anything to you, (you can google some if you desire) we've been to Kingston, Sudbury, Elora, Peterborough and Bobcaygeon thus far.  I loved old Kingston, the scenery around Sudbury is awesome, and we loved fishing in Bobcaygeon. 


We go to church, even on vacation, so I've been indulging in looking up local churches, and picking one to attend for Mass, a kind of Catholic tourism, if you will.  I've taken the opportunity to cross a few Cathedrals off my list of places to visit.  Both Peterborough and Kingston are the seats of their dioceses. 


The biggest hit, for younger anyway, was the trip to Elora.  She had been hinting loudly that she wanted to go to a waterpark, but I found these places to be expensive, and you spend half your time standing in line.  So I took her to the Elora Conservation area where we rode innertubes down the Grand River.  The starting point is actually in the middle of a rapid.  Younger looked at the rapid and got a little nervous.  "I don't think I want to do this anymore," she said.  "Nonsense!" I said, and I shoved her into the current and followed.  By the time that first rapid had petered out, she yelled back to me "BEST. TRIP. EVER!"


We had trouble finding a hotel room at Bobcaygeon last weekend, which is why we ended up in Peterborough for the night.  We had several conversations that went like this:

Me:  I'd like a room for the night.

Them:  Sorry sir, we're booked.

Me:  But your sign says "Vacancy".

Them.  Yes, sir.  That is because we have empty rooms.

Me:  And I can't have one because...?

Them: ... because those rooms have been reserved.

Me: Then why does your sign say "vacancy" if all the rooms are taken?

Them:  As I said, sir, some of your rooms are currently empty.

Me:  Pause.  Let me explain some basic English to you.  If someone comes in here and asks for a room, and the answer is no, then you have no vacancy.

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Patience said...

Re Elora. Has great sentimental value to me as dh and I had our first date there.