24 July 2012

Why Canadians Should Not Comment Out Loud On American Politics

Apart from the fact that Americans talk about their own politics enough for three USA's, and there is therefore no reason for us to add to the discourse/background noise,  there is also the problem of revealing our hopeless stupidity.  A case in point:  today, while discussing the Colorado shootings, one of my coworkers stated that the lack of any talk about gun control clearly displays that both Romney and Obama are owned by the NRA.  I repeat: according to him, Obama is owned by the NRA. 


You may now wipe your coffee or coke off your screen and keyboard.

For what it's worth, I told him he was delusional.

1 comment:

LarryD said...

It's true!! He's also owned by the NRC, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the 1%, Super PACs,....

Thanks for the laugh.