2 October 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday

I am doing something wrong edition.


I saw this post over at Redneck's, and I realized:  I don't get trolls spreading their hate over here.  I realize even the most strident atheist is unlikely to get his knickers in a knot over photos of pretty churches and nice altars combined with some historical musings, but I must be doing something wrong if my faith offends no one.


I came to this site through Mark Shea's, which discusses which this burning question: In a mass knife fight to the death between every American president, who would win and why?  I tried to imagine a Canadian version, and broke out laughing while at the same being filled with disgust.  Our Prime Ministers, from first to last, were and are a bunch of pussies.  As I have said before, the one thing that has kept our Prime Ministers from being assassinated is the simple fact that none of them are worth the  price of a bullet.  We must be doing something wrong,


I wonder if our current Prime Minister could take Obama in a knife fight?  hmmm- y'know, I think he could.  He's got serial killer eyes.  So there is that. 

How many of you guys would thank us if he did?

I must be doing something wrong to be thinking crap like that.


Another thing I'm doing wrong: I keep forgetting to take a camera to church and photographing the bullet holes in the ceiling before they get covered up.  Funny story, that.  According to the older parishioners, it all began one day when


Joe Potillor said...

If you canadians got rid of Obama, we Americans will happily take Justin Bieber off your hands. :)

Bear-i-tone said...

That is just so tempting....

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Well Joe, actually we owe you one, you guys took Celine Dion already.