20 May 2013

It's the May Two Four Weekend!

Or the end of it, anyway.  We call this long weekend the May Two Four after the Canadians who head to the beer store and buy a two four to celebrate a weekend which is the start of something or other.  They then drink said two four and head out onto the highways, where they continue the celebrations by having a pickup game of "Smash -up Derby".  Some people also head to the cottage for the first time of the year, others, like me, lacking a cottage, take advantage and plant their garden now that the likelihood of frost has diminished. 

My reflection of the day on gardening:  Why on earth is this weed called Creeping Charlie?

Some people still insist in calling the day Victoria Day, and spend the day having a party in honour of a woman who was not amused. A traditional greeting for this day is "Up the Queen!", but since no one really specifies up her what, it seems rather rude.  So happy day, everyone.

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