21 September 2013

Addendum to the Kerfuffle over Francis' interview,

I have read on several conservative blogs that people wish Francis would just shut up and stop giving interviews, because he is so unlike Benedict, who never got into any trouble because the media took his remarks out of context in order to push their own agenda.

Ummmm.... really? Remember the Regensberg Address? That peculiar remark over condoms? About a hundred other comments? Only then it was the liberal wing of the Church who thought the Pope was an old fuddy duddy who should just shut up and collect his pay cheque.

Once again I am struck by the fundamental unity in attitude of those on the left and those on the right.

Update: Ove the last few days I have notived something in the wake of this cataclysmic, world altering interview: for the most part, the average Catholic is neither aware of the interview, nor cares. There are times I wish I was still one of them.

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