26 September 2013

Today is the feast of the Canadian Martyrs

Among my favourite saints. I have been to the shrine and St Marie among the Hurons (a kind of pioneer village reconstructed on their site) many times.

My old parish used to have a statue of the Canadian martyrs, as one of the old side altars had been dedicated to them. The previous priest used to get many requests from other priests to "borrow" the statue. His reply was always "Not unless you want another Canadian martyr."
Ht Fr.Z.  Yeah, I still drop by from time to time.  

In answer to Tom of NY's question at that site (sorry, I never asked for commenting privileges there): The photo comes from St Patrick's basilica in Montreal, one of my favourite churches. They have over two hundred such images lining the church, and visitors often walk around the walls trying to find their patron, or their favourite.

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