27 September 2013

One of the better fruits of the Big Interview...

Is that it has brought out another post by one of my favourite bloggers, Dale Price. Dale zeroes in on one part of the interview that no one else has mentioned or brought up. Here is the quote from Francis:

It is amazing to see the denunciations for lack of orthodoxy that come to Rome. I think the cases should be investigated by the local bishops’ conferences, which can get valuable assistance from Rome. These cases, in fact, are much better dealt with locally. The Roman congregations are mediators; they are not middlemen or managers.

I can understand Francis' amazement over the denunciations that come to Rome. I imagine a great many of them are frivolous, and the amazement on the behalf of those who have to read the denunciations amounts to: "Seriously?"

I wonder if this is a case of Francis speaking to the middle way again. It has been pointed out copiously that Francis is not saying never speak of Abortion or Gay Marriage again, but that we must speak of it in a context. The problem I have got from this interview is rhetorical: Francis will state one extremity and then say we have to guide ourselves on the middle way, but without stating the other extremity. Unfortunately, if it is the middle way, it is also it is not balanced by the opposing extreme. So, contrary to what many are saying, Francis is not endorsing the left.  But because all his rebukes, all the positions he explicitly rejects, are on the right, that is what he seems to be doing.  We are not told what two points we are guiding ourselves between. So yes, I will readily agree that many, perhaps almost all the complaints that come to Rome merit amazement. Are they the only ones?

Are we now to be handed over to our conferences? We have always been told, and I believe even in Canon law, that, if all else fails, we may seek redress from Rome itself. That has always been a comfort. 

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