19 January 2014

Conversations with Mom

I was asking mom if there is anywhere she wants to go for her birthday, assuming, as she says, "she's around for it." By "go" I usually mean "for a drive". I don't get her presents any more. She has enough stuff and my sisters are better at that sort of thing than I am. Instead I see if I can give her a good time and some good memories. So I try to take her out once a month for drives through the countryside, see old churches, waterfalls, barns. She enjoys that sort of thing. For big occasions, such as birthdays in general and particularly those that end in zero, such as the one coming up, I take her a little farther afield than normal. But I can't go too far, as y'know, I'm broke. The farthest I can take her is to Quebec, which I have explained to her may times.

Enough background. Here's us talking.

Me: Mom, are there any places in Eastern Ontario or Quebec you would like to go? Maybe see Notre Dame again?

Mom: There are. I love Nova Scotia.

Me: Huh? Nova Scotia isn't in Quebec...

Mom: I love Newfoundland...

Me: Also not in Quebec...

Mom: Prince Edward Island is also lovely.

Me: And also not in Quebec.

Mom: New Brunswick, too.

Me: Arggh.

I would be worried that she was losing her marbles, but she's always been this way. She's as sane as she's ever been. I remember years ago a dinner table conversation she had with my Dad on the subject of baseball players.

Mom: What was the name of that player who hit all those home runs for the Yankees? I remember his name started with a "D".

Dad: Reggie Jackson?

Mom: That's the one.

And another time:

Mom: I'm sure his name started with an "S"

Dad, under his breath: Well, we can eliminate that letter.

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Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Your Mom: Puff. what's the name of your favourite flower again?

Me: A Salmon coloured tea rose.

Your Mom: No, that's not it.