16 January 2014

This is a little creepy.

I can't embed this video, so click here.  I found the video on St Michael's Cathedral website.  This video documents the removal of the organ and the choir balcony so a new organ and balcony may be installed.  The balcony had to be removed, I have been told, because of fire regulations and also so it could fit the full St Michael's choirs.

On the whole I have been supportive of efforts to restore the Cathedral.  I even support this, but I find the way the change is presented in this video to be disturbing.  The music which sounds like it came from the Terminator (the '80's one- seriously, listen for the synthesizer) and the final slogan: "History remains, but change is coming" gives the whole thing a rather threatening feel.  I'll just consider this video as a misfire.  I hope.

In other news, interior restorations are underway at another of my favourite churches, Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph.  Here is a list of what they plan to do.  I am glad they are keeping the ends of the pews instead of replacing the pews entirely.  Those ends were carved and irreplaceable.  I would rather they didn't "widen" the opening in the communion rail- which means the brass gate will be going-  but... sigh. At least they kicked out Vosko before he gutted the place.  

For both churches I will hope for the best and wait until  after the renovations are finished before I judge the work.

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