6 February 2014

Perhaps the most depressingly accurate paragraph I have read in years.

From the pen of Anthony Esolen h/t Mark Shea.

We are looking for equality as men, so that we can say what Mr. Morgan said.  And the common laborers enjoy no such thing.  They have virtually no influence over what their children are taught in school, and how.  Their sons are regularly badgered for being boys, and bullied into ingesting drugs to conform their boyish natures to the ideal of mannerly servility.  They are not pillars of their communities, because there are no more communities; there are political abstractions called “towns” and “cities,” whose leaders take their cultural instructions from the media and from the national government, and who themselves are less and less likely to have grease under their fingernails or freckles of carbon in their faces.  They are not the masters in their own homes; the effeminate vices peddled by their “betters” have seen to that.  They are likely to have fathered children out of wedlock, or to have been divorced, sometimes with good cause, far more often without.  They ingest the poisons peddled by mass entertainment.  Their sons surf the internet for porn, get fat, wear their pants around their thighs so as to look like dwarfs stretched on a rack, can’t dig a post-hole or sing a hymn, and are given comic books in school instead of Moby-Dick.  Our need for these fathers is total, yet their authority is minuscule even in their own localities, and their influence upon national politics is zero.

 "They are not pillars of their communities, because there are no more communities..."


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