26 March 2014

I would actually pay good money to see this

Author Larry Correia on what Shakespeare would (and would not) be doing if he were alive today, and how dumb the NYT book reviewers are:

And the fact that he keeps bringing up Shakespeare (the original popular *genre* author) to mock authors who write popular stuff in order to get paid, is very ironic. If Shakespeare was alive today, is anyone stupid enough to think that the guy who specialized in writing entertaining plays for the masses would be writing stuffy, pretentious dreck for what works out to be $3 an hour in the hopes of winning a prestigious literary award? Hell no! We’d all be watching William Shakespeare presents Star Wars vs. The Avengers III: The Jedi Hulkening this summer, and it would be awesome, and the NYT would hate it.

Somebody out there has just got to get to work on that script.

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LarryD said...

I'm on it!!

On a tangential note, have you read this?

William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Verily, I foundeth it amusing and it provideth me with hearty aches of belly.