22 March 2014

The Cowardly Stupidity of the West.

h/t Vox Cantoris.

"Always with you when it comes to the so-called gay rights in Nigeria you run, but to the ongoing terror attacks by the Islamic militia Boko Haram you only stammer.” said Archbishop Kaigama, chairman of the Bishops Conference of Nigeria. He went on to say that "Constantly new violence, burned and mutilated bodies, women and children who are killed in a terrible rhythm: this is the emergency afflicting our country, but nothing from Europe on this. But for “gay rights” the EU, the European Parliament and other international institutions will mobilize.”

But wait, there's even more that the West wants Nigeria to do while still ignoring the constant threat of Islamic terrorism. There's also Women's Rights! specifically, the right to contraception and abortion. The Archbishop notes that women who can't read or write are being given the morning after pill. This is not a Nigerian value, says the Archbishop, it is a Western one, and the Nigerians must accept contraception, abortion, and soon, gay rights if they are to get foreign aid. Even if the foreign aid comes in forms they neither want nor need.

This is The White Man's Burden all over again, this time in its left-wing form. We must spread the virtues of our civilisation throughout the world, whether they want it or not. Whether it helps them or not. In the meantime, let us shut our eyes tight to the real threat.

Tell me, O Enlightened Ones of the West, what will come of your precious rights for women and gays should the Muslims gain ascendancy in that land? What will happen to your contraception and your gay marriage then? While Christians hold ascendancy, gays are denied the right to be married, but that is all. Under Muslim rule they will be denied the very right to live. And you will have stood by and cleared the path for it to happen.

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